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How American Babies Behave Differently From Infants In Other Cultures

A recently published study by Dr. Maria Gartstein, a psychologist at Washington State University, made some interesting findings about how parents’ cultural values influenced the temperaments and behavior of their babies.

“Gartstein and her colleagues conducted a cross-cultural examination of the behavior of Chilean, Polish, South Korean and American babies, the results of which were recently published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology. The mothers of 125 to 420 babies in each country were asked to fill out observations of more than 200 behaviors and temperamental qualities in their infants at 6 months and 1 year old, including activity level, shyness, sadness, cuddliness and attention focusing.”

“The results showed significant parenting differences across these four cultures. American babies, for instance, were more social and impulsive than babies from the other countries, and they were also the most likely to enjoy highly stimulating activities.”

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