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Apple is No. 1 Fruit For Kids

Fruits and vegetables are important sources of healthy nutrients for children, nutrients that promote long term health benefits and buffer against chronic diseases.
American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes that “a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is associated with a decreased risk of diabetes, stroke, cancers and other deadly conditions.”

Studies show that, regardless of these widely known facts, only 40 percent of children (ages 1 to 18) eat the recommended one to two cups of fruit per day.

“Researchers surveyed 3,129 children ages 2 through 19 and found that over half of consumption (53 percent) came in the form of whole fruit-which have the greatest health benefits—and 34 percent was in the form of 100 percent-juice juice drinks” Read more.
Researchers also discovered that apples are by far the fruit that kids prefer most. Early fall is apple season, so take your child to the farmer’s market and let him or her try the many kinds of apples that are just waiting to be sampled there. Encourage your child to try other fruits (and vegetables!) as well. Make your farmer’s market outing a special occasion and teach your child that eating fruit is fun and delicious, as well as healthy.

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