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Bringing Out the Chef in Children

child food

Jane Brody of The New York Times recently wrote a delightful article about Lynn Fredericks, the creator of FamilyCook Productions, who teaches parents (and society in general) on ways to open up the wonderful world of healthy food and gracious dining for children.

“The food industry keeps telling parents to go out to eat and order from the children’s menu for the kids,” Ms. Fredericks said. As an alternative to the ubiquitous burgers and fries, mac ’n’ cheese and sodas, she said, “I began offering cooking workshops for young mothers, encouraging them to use some time each day to connect in a happy way with their children.”

“With support from foundations and government agencies, Ms. Fredericks and a number of professional collaborators created curriculums that teach nutrition through cooking for preschoolers through high schoolers.” Read more.

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