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Car seat safety not just a “baby” issue

While most parents of young babies pay special attention to installing the right car seat for their infant, parents of older children are not as careful, or knowledgeable, about forward-facing car seats and booster seats.

Michelle Macy, M.D., writing for the University of Michigan Children’s Health blog, advises parents to learn all they can about this important child safety issue. She mentions five things that parents should pay special attention to including the size of the car seat, the importance of using booster seats, paying attention to the size of the child, being consistent and getting your car seat inspected.

Dr. Macy writes that “many people don’t realize that car seat inspections are available to them well after they welcome a new baby into their family. Child passenger safety technicians (CPSTs) are experts in car seat safety across all ages. They can offer tips and tricks to ensure proper car seat and booster seat usage. For example, if you have a child who is uncooperative about properly using their seat, they can help offer tips and make adjustments to make the child more comfortable. They also can be a great resource for suggestions on fitting multiple car seats and boosters in your vehicle safely.”

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