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New Guidelines Call for Kids, Health Care Workers to Get Flu Shots

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a set of policy guidelines advising that all eligible children and health care workers should get flu shots.

“Parents must consider flu vaccine an essential vaccine for their children,” Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, an AAP spokeswoman, said in a news release from the pediatric group.”Now is the time to call your pediatrician and make an appointment, or find out when flu clinics start. Flu vaccine is a critically important, every-year vaccine that can protect your child from very serious illness and death due to a virus that is so often common in our communities, and so common in childhood.”

“The AAP recommends that annual flu shots should be given to all people 6 months of age and older” and especially to health workers and “people who have contact with children younger than 5 years of age and children with high-risk conditions. Pregnant women are at high risk for flu-related complications and can safely receive flu vaccination at any time during pregnancy. Getting a flu shot during pregnancy also protects infants for the first 6 months of life.” Read more.

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