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Helping your teen driver learn to Drive Smart

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for most American teenagers and parents are usually their most influential teachers and mentors.

Parents can do a lot to instill safe driving habits in their children and demonstrate through their own driving behavior what is the best and safest way to behave on the road.

“The day you turn your child’s car seat from rear facing to front facing is the day you start teaching your child how to be a safe driver. Our kids can be observant little sponges, so start modeling good driving behavior no matter what their age.”

“Years of watching mom and dad eat, text, check emails, etc. while driving are hard to replace with a few lectures on distracted driving. Be the role model for how you want your child to behave when he or she is driving. (Bonus – you’ll be keeping you and your family safer in the meantime!) In fact, invite your child to hold you accountable as a safe driver. Teach them to offer to do tasks for you and free you up to focus solely on the road.”

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