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Limits Urged On The Use Of Codeine To Stop Kids’ Coughs And Pain

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a report advising pediatricians and parents that children and most teenagers suffering from pain or a cough should not be prescribed drugs that contain codeine. The FDA also advises against giving children over-the-counter cough medication containing codeine.

“Although the administration of products containing codeine to children has dropped sharply over the past decade, doctors often still prescribe medicines that contain the drug, and parents can buy cough remedies that include codeine without a prescription in many parts of the country.”

“Codeine combined with other painkillers, such as acetaminophen, is also commonly used to alleviate kids’ pain in a variety of situations, such as when they’re recovering from surgery.”

“But the FDA has been increasingly concerned because codeine has been found to trigger life-threatening breathing problems in some children.” Read more.

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