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Pediatricians Say Infants Should Sleep In Parents’ Room For First Year

A recent recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to sleep in the same room as their infants, but not in the same bed. Best practices recommend that parents share the room with their child for the first year of his or her life.

“The guideline says room sharing is most important for infants during their first six months because that’s when 90 percent of sudden infant death syndrome cases occur.”

“But room sharing is still recommended throughout an infant’s first year because the other 10 percent of SIDS-related deaths occur during the second six months, Feldman-Winter (professor of pediatrics at Cooper University Hospital and co-author of the guidelines) said.”

“Having infants close throughout the night makes it easier for parents to feed, comfort and monitor their babies ― and has been shown to decrease risk of SIDS by as much as 50 percent, according to the new guideline.”

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