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Safety Tips for Young Athletes

Early fall is not just back-to-school time for many kids but also the beginning of an intense sports and athletic season. Kids join football teams and soccer clubs, lacrosse, cross country and field hockey among many other choices.

Collisions, falls, bumps, scrapes and sometimes more serious sports-related injuries are bound to happen.

“Each year, about 3.5 million American children and teens 14 and younger suffer from sports or recreation injuries, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said. More than 775,000 are treated in emergency departments for sports-related injuries, according to the AAP.”

Sports medicine doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital advise that preparation is essential in reducing the risks of sports injuries for young athletes. They offer a list of safety tips for parents and children to follow so that the potential for serious harm is minimized.

Common sense suggestions range from advising kids to start getting in shape before the sports season starts, to supplying plenty of water so that kids are properly hydrated, to ensuring that recommended protective gear is properly worn. Read more for additional tips, and best wishes to all kids for a wonderful, and injury-free, athletic season.

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