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Teenage Drivers? Be Very Afraid

Latest advice for parents of teenage drivers is to be involved, very involved.

Experts recommend that parents spend a lot of time talking to their kids, explaining the rules and regulations of good driving behavior, and teaching their teens to be patient and in no hurry.

teen driver

“If you’re going to have an early, untimely death,” said Nichole Morris, a principal researcher at the HumanFIRST Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, “the most dangerous two years of your life are between 16 and 17, and the reason for that is driving.”

“Among this age group, death in motor vehicle accidents outstrips suicide, cancer and other types of accidents, Dr. Morris said. “Cars have gotten safer, roads have gotten safer, but teen drivers have not,” she said.”

“The bottom line: Teenage driving may be that rare outlier when it comes to parenting. As soon as you give your children the keys to the car, it may be time to pull the helicopter out of the hangar for a spell and follow them down the road.” Read more.

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