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Victims of childhood bullying more likely to be overweight as young adults

Recent study at King’s College in London found that children who had been bullied in elementary and middle schools have twice the potential to be overweight by the age of 18 as children who had never been exposed to prolonged periods of bullying.

“Children who were chronically bullied in school were 1.7 times more likely to be overweight as young adults than non-bullied children (29 per cent prevalence compared to 20 per cent). Bullied children also had a higher BMI and waist-hip ratio at the age of 18.”

“These associations were independent of other environmental risk factors (including socioeconomic status, food insecurity in the home, child maltreatment, low IQ, and poor mental health). In addition, and for the first time, analyses showed that children who were chronically bullied became overweight independent of their genetic risk of being overweight.”

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