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Young Girls Are Less Apt To Think That Women Are Really, Really Smart

Recent research finds that young girls “in the first few years of elementary school are less likely than boys to say that their own gender is ‘really, really smart,’ and less likely to opt into a game described as being for super-smart kids.”

“The researchers conducted a series of experiments that included 400 children. In one, they took 96 kids and asked them a series of questions about brilliance and gender. For example, they were told a brief story about a person who was “really, really smart” and then asked to pick the protagonist from four photos, two of men and two of women.”

“Across the various questions, 5-year-old boys said their own gender was smart 71 percent of the time, compared to 69 percent of the time for girls. Among 6-year-olds, the numbers were 65 percent for boys and 48 percent for girls. And among 7-year-olds, it was 68 percent for boys and 54 percent for girls.”

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