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5 Things Every Parent of Young Kids Should Know in Case of an Emergency

Every parent needs to know what to do in an emergency: if your child is sick with high fever or has broken his arm by falling from her bike, you need to have a plan on what to do and whom to call.

Little boy wearing helmet and crying while holding his knee after accident with his bike

“When your kid is bleeding, having trouble breathing, or incredibly sick – you need to know where to go without hesitation. Get the details sorted out and add the name, address, and phone number of the urgent care facility to your phone”

“In most cases, illnesses will dissipate with medication and time. Broken bones, cuts, and injuries will mend and heal. Appetites will become restored. Sleep patterns will quietly return. Uncertainties will wash away. Your life might currently consist of suctioning noses, wiping snot, administering medication to an unruly toddler, keeping the sick entertained, trekking to doctor’s appointments, begging someone to take “one more bite,” and struggling with your own dose of cabin fever — but it won’t last. While things may really suck right now, they will get better. Just wait.” Read more.

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