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7 Halloween Candies With Scary-Long Ingredient Lists

There is no candy that’s actually healthy and nutritious for us or our kids, but some candies are definitely worse than others.

Eating a few pieces of candy in moderation will not harm most people, but it’s still good to be educated about what we (and our kids) are putting in our mouths. So, look at the nutrition label and start by comparing calories and fat, then check the amount of total sugar. “But because sugar and empty calories are going to be high in most options, you might venture further down the nutrition label to the ingredient list.”

“Another good idea is to stick to foods with five or fewer ingredients; foods with paragraph-long ingredients lists are often full of preservatives, sugars and other additives.”

“When it comes to Halloween candies, we didn’t find any that would pass the five-or-fewer test. And to make matters worse, a number of the top five ingredients in the most popular treats are sugar — by one of its many other names.”

“We tallied up the ingredients in 15 classic candies, including runners up like candy corn with 14 ingredients and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with 13. With more than 15 ingredients, here are the worst offenders: Kitkat; Milky Way; Nerds; Whoppers; Skittles; Butterfinger; Twizzlers!”

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