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Back-to-School Tips for Healthy Teeth

Those hectic school mornings are just around the corner, so it’s important for parents to make sure that their child gets into good dental habits right from the beginning of the busy school year.

Gretchen Henson, program director of advanced education in pediatric dentistry in the department of dental medicine at Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. gives some practical tips to parents on how to ensure that their children’s teeth stay health and cavity-free. Her tips include information on everything from brushing, to child’s diet, to packing water instead of sugary drinks in your child’s lunch box.

“Tooth care is critical, but during busy school mornings, kids sometimes forget to brush. Children should see the dentist twice a year, but adequate home care, healthy diets and trauma prevention can ensure that children’s teeth stay healthy when they get back to school,” Henson added.  Read more.

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