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The Importance of Sleep

The precise function that sleep performs for human beings and other animals is still largely unknown, but we have always recognized that we cannot do without sleep for long.

Sleep is essential for our physical, mental and emotional well being, and is especially vital for children and adolescents. As they grow, young people need sleep to recharge their energy and allow their brains and bodies to do the hard job of development.

A recent blog post in the University of Michigan Neuro Health, discusses the importance of sleep for the academic success of college students. “According to the National College Health Assessment 2014, sleep is the third biggest barrier to academic success for college students, surpassed only by anxiety and stress.” Read more.

A recent article in the Huffington Post Healthy Living examines the effects sleep has on the human immune system. “Taken together, the evidence thus far seems to strongly suggest that inadequate sleep duration increases the likelihood of becoming ill following an infection and hinders our body’s ability to fight infection. Conversely, getting enough sleep may be one of our most powerful antibiotics to keep us healthy. Our parents were right!” Read more.

So, establish a regular sleep routine for your children and make sure they get enough sleep. And this is good advice for parents as well.

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