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Kansas Town Takes Dental Care To School

Olathe, Kansas, is making sure that all its students have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Weeks before school starts Olathe’s school district starts getting low-income students to sign up for dental checkups.

“When parents register at the elementary schools that serve the district’s poorest students, they are asked whether their children have a dentist. “And if they say no, we say, ‘We have a program in our school — a dentist is coming to our school this year,’ ” says health services director Cynthia Galemore.

“The participating schools in Olathe, a suburb of Kansas City, Mo., are among a few hundred across the country that offer oral health care. “What’s nice about the schools is [they’re] a place where students already go on a regular basis, whether it’s back to school night, or it’s a meet-the-teacher, or to pick up or drop off their kids,” says Chazin. In some schools, dentists provide care. In others, dental hygienists perform preventive services.” Read more.

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