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What We’ve Learned About Kids And Sleep In 2015

What we hear more and more from sleep specialists is that sleep is not a luxury but a vital necessity for children to grow and develop. At a recent conference in Seattle called SLEEP 2015 scientists discussed different sleep benefits for kids, from preventing illness to helping their brain recharge and flourish.

“The latest discoveries in neuroscience show that there’s much more to sleep than just recovery. For example, scientists have long known that sleeping was critically important to the development of brain functions, such as learning new information and storing long-term memories.

But in a recent animal study, a team of scientists at the University of Rochester found that during sleep the brain cleanses itself, essentially flushing out its own waste. It does this through a network of specific channels similar to a plumbing system, which fully “open up” in a state of sleep. Researchers think that this cleanup process is energy-expensive, and that’s why the brain may be waiting until bedtime to take out its own trash.”

Read more and learn how to help your child get a good night’s sleep!

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