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Link Between Breakfast Quality and Educational Outcomes

A recent study of 5,000 9-11 year old kids, believed to be the largest of its kind up to date, found that children who ate a well-balanced breakfast before school did better in their classes and achieved higher academic outcomes.

“The research found that the odds of achieving an above average educational performance were up to twice as high for pupils who ate breakfast, compared with those who did not.”

“Eating unhealthy items like sweets and crisps for breakfast, which was reported by 1 in 5 children, had no positive impact on educational attainment.”

“Pupils were asked to list all food and drink consumed over a period of just over 24 hours (including two breakfasts), noting what they consumed at specific times throughout the previous day and for breakfast on the day of reporting.”

“Alongside number of healthy breakfast items consumed for breakfast, other dietary behaviours — including number of sweets and crisps and fruit and vegetable portions consumed throughout the rest of the day — were all significantly and positively associated with educational performance.” Read more.

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