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Music, Video Help Sixth-Graders Master Hands-Only CPR

New study reports that CPR can be successfully performed by sixth graders, especially when thought with music and video.

“We were wondering why they need to wait until 12th grade when sixth graders have learned the circulation system and seem mature enough and are interested in learning hands-only CPR,” said study author Dr. Mimi Biswas. She’s a cardiologist at the University of California’s Riverside School of Medicine and Riverside Community Hospital.

“For the study, her team divided 160 sixth graders into three groups. All of the students were instructed in hands-only CPR.”

“One group (the control) watched a video that demonstrated how to perform 100 to 120 chest compressions a minute on adult CPR dummies.”

“Another group watched the video and listened to music with a tempo matching the target compression rate.”

“The third group watched the video and played a video game to reinforce the target compression rate.”

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