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Is Nutrition Confusing?

In his opinion piece last Sunday, Why Nutrition Is So Confusing, Gary Taubes wonders why it is so hard for Americans to stick to healthy and nutritious eating habits. He mostly blames what he calls the confusion generated by the nutrition specialists.

Taubes writes:

“The 600,000 articles — along with several tens of thousands of diet books — are the noise generated by a dysfunctional research establishment. Because the nutrition research community has failed to establish reliable, unambiguous knowledge about the environmental triggers of obesity and diabetes, it has opened the door to a diversity of opinions on the subject, of hypotheses about cause, cure and prevention, many of which cannot be refuted by the existing evidence. Everyone has a theory. The evidence doesn’t exist to say unequivocally who’s wrong.”

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Make sure to also read the comments to Taubes’s piece as many people strongly disagree with his premise.

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