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More Sleep for Kids Reduces Calories

A new research study proves again the importance of extended sleep in children.

A study of 37 children found that increasing the hours of extended sleep in children reduced calorie consumption, altered hormone levels associated with appetite, and contributed to weight loss.

“Their results suggest that ensuring children get plenty of sleep on a regular basis may offer significant help in maintaining healthy weight and avoiding obesity.

The study “found extending sleep was linked to lower calorie consumption, as well as hormonal changes and weight loss:

    • During a week of moderately increased sleep, children consumed an average of 134 fewer calories per day than children whose sleep was decreased
    • Morning levels of the appetite-regulating hormone leptin were lower in children during the period of extended sleep. Leptin plays an important role in regulating metabolism and energy expenditure, signaling to the body that it has enough energy to function, thereby reducing appetite. Abnormal and high levels of the hormone can lead to leptin resistance, and the body becomes less equipped to use the hormone effectively to regulate appetite and metabolism.
    • Children lost an average of 0.5 pounds during the week of increased sleep.”Read more.

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