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Teens Aren’t Getting Nearly Enough Exercise At School

A new study shows that American teenagers get more exercise at school than anywhere else, but that isn’t nearly enough to meet even the minimum daily activity levels recommended by the World Health Organization.

During their school hours, American teenagers get, on the average, 23 minutes of activity per day. This is a lot less than the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day.

“We knew that schools were a major source of physical activity for kids, but we were surprised that kids spent only 4.8 percent of their time at school physically active,” said lead study author Jordan Carlson of Children’s Mercy Hospital and the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

“Plenty of previous research has found many teenagers tend to be too sedentary and documented a declining focus on physical education in U.S. schools. The current study set out to shed new light on where adolescents get whatever limited exercise does occur.” Read more.

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