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Transforming a Child’s Life With Glasses

A wonderful program called ChildSight, run by Helen Keller International, helps thousands of children each year see the world a little more clearly.

Eye specialists from the program screen up to 100,000 middle school and high school children in poor communities throughout the country and provides glasses to those who need them.

“Children with uncorrected vision problems often struggle in school. Those with the common refractive error called myopia, or nearsightedness, may not see what teachers write on the blackboard. Some children are unable to track words on a page, which makes reading an arduous, and sometimes impossible, task. Too often, despite average intelligence, such children become academic failures or school dropouts or are incorrectly deemed learning disabled and assigned to special education classes.”

“A randomized controlled trial conducted in China among 3,177 fourth and fifth grade children with uncorrected myopia found that providing them with free glasses had a greater positive effect on math test scores than parental education or family wealth. And those who received the glasses scored higher than those who did not.”

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