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How I Became That Weird Theme Park Mom

A story by a woman who as a “44-year-old “do-your-homework-brush-your-teeth-say-your-prayers-and-lights-out-before-10” mom, become a person who can debate the various merits of the classic features of El Toro and the modern corkscrew style of Bizarro.”

“Moments of pure magic occur as we wait among the sweaty, heavily tattooed masses to become human slingshots. My 14-year-old tells me about an older girl who gave her phone number to his good friend thinking he was 17 because his curly hair makes him appear taller. Would I have heard this story if we were waiting in, say, the orthodontist’s office? No. Normally, it would be easier to get my cat a job as an Uber driver than it is to get one lone anecdote about high school out of this kid.”

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