Our mission

special needs families

Welcome to Ann Arbor Pediatric Dentistry

 Ann Arbor Pediatric Dentistry Mission Statement

Special Needs Families at Ann Arbor Pediatric Dentistry

We provide the highest quality dental care to infants, children, adolescents and those with special needs.

  • Well child care beginning by age 1.
  • Family friendly environment.
  • We work with you and your child to have the most comfortable and positive experience possible.
  • Parents are welcome.
As Pediatric Dentists, we strive:

  • To provide state of the art pediatric dental care  with minimum discomfort.
  • To promote regular preventive care in our office and at home so our patients can enjoy a lifetime of good health.
  • To educate ourselves to continue to provide the most current effective  dental care.
As Pediatric Dentists:

  • We have training beyond dental school in caring for children with special health care needs.
  • We have cared for many children like yours in training and in practice.
  • We have affiliations with hospitals and pediatricians which creates a network of health professionals dedicated to your child’s well being.